Corporate Finance Essentials by IESE Business School

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Record of Completion:

November 17, 2017 – Completed Topics:

  • Risk and Return – financial concepts such as mean return, volatility, and beta
  • Correlation and Diversification – the role that correlation plays in determining the gains from diversification, portfolio risk, correlation coefficient,
  • CAPM and the Cost of Capital – assess cost of debt, cost of equity, and ultimately cost of capital of companies, components and notation, debt tax shield

November 18, 2017 – Completed Topics:

  • Estimating the Cost of Capital – An Application (Starbucks)

November 23, 2017 – Completed Topics:

  • Project Evaluation – Net Present Value (NPV) + Internal Rate of Return (IRR),Applying NPV and IRR, Problems of the IRR approach, Scale and timing problems, Time-varying discount rates, evaluating an investment opportunity

November 24, 2017

  •  Corporate Value Creation – Growth and return on growth, Economic value added (EVA), Application, EVA levels versus EVA changes